Ways Employers Can Be More Autism-Friendly

Many times parents with autism struggle with their children when in public. A big part of that might be the anxiety that comes with all the sensory input in stores and public places. Although parents can try their best to make their children with...

Therapy Is Effective, Regardless of Age - You're Not Alone

Last week I visited my family. I wanted to surprise Jennifer, my autistic younger sister, who I had not seen in about three months. Unfortunately, she figured out I was coming. My mom had bought lemonade, my favorite drink in the world, and upon...

Mississippi Passes Autism Insurance Mandate

by Jessy | Jul 23, 2015 | blog, business |

by Jonathan Slack

Why I Love Being a BCBA: Jen Ryden

by Jessy | Jul 23, 2015 | blog, why we do what we do |


10 Things to Learn From an Autistic Adult

by Jessy | Jul 22, 2015 | blog, weekly list |

by Gauri Rangrass, Social Media Intern

College: the foundation for community autism support

What To Do When Your Child Receives a Diagnosis

by Jessy | Jul 15, 2015 | blog, weekly list |

The Percentage The Media Does Not Represent

by Jessy | Jul 13, 2015 | blog, visual statistic |


Another Wonderful Example of AHSS Progress - why we do what we do

Developments in Nebraska's Medicaid Policy

by Jonathan Slack

How to Make Kids on the Spectrum Feel Included

by Jessy | Jul 08, 2015 | ASD, autism, autism spectrum, blog, empathy, inclusion |

Most people have good intentions when they try to include autistic individuals in their social interactions and conversations. However, sometimes they may unintentionally say or do things that draw attention to the autistic person's tics and...

Autism and Epilepsy: A Possible Link

by Jonathan Slack

How to Make Your 4th of July Autism-Friendly

While the Fourth of July is one of the most spirited days of the year, it can sometimes be overwhelming for children with ASD because of all the sensory stimulation. Lauren Elder of Autism Speaks wrote a list of ways that parents and family can...

How My Sister With ASD Stood Up to Bullies

No matter what their child is like, whether they have autism or are neurotypical, every parent worries about them being bullied. My family and I worried that Jennifer, my sister who is on the autism spectrum, would be picked on for being...

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