Empowering progress!

6.30.16 successI had to share this story that a family told me about yesterday!
Recently, a client I have had the wonderful opportunity to work in-home with has been able to attend our Autism Center, make new friends, and play with them during his sessions. In the past he has not shown interest in his peers and would not approach them in any way.
After going home from playing at the center he requested to go outside to join some children (who he did not know) from the neighborhood playing the the front yard. He ran to them, watched them, and eventually joined them to play! When his dad directed him back to the house, the client indicated that he wanted to continue to play and ran back to play with the kids!!

by Samantha B., AHSS Autism Center

**These statements (solicited from AHSS staff) represent a quick snapshot of a moment in time. Each child with autism is unique and on their own journey. Your child’s journey will be different than any other child’s, including the one depicted here. If you would like more information on the progress possible for your child, please call 844-AHSS-ABA.

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