9 Tips for Surviving Holiday Gatherings with a Child with Autism

Let’s face it, the holidays can get pretty crazy. You eat things that you normally don’t eat and see people that you don’t regularly see. You're in a new environment surrounded by things that you aren’t familiar with. Add in a child on the autism...

"Have Love, Will Travel" - 9 Traveling Tips for Autism

We may do different things to celebrate the multitude of holidays in December with our families, but we all tend have one thing in common -- typically we have to travel some amount of distance to get to them! Any amount of travel can be...

Crash course on autism for your family & friends - Holiday Edition

by Jessy | Nov 17, 2016 | autism, family, holidays |


The holidays are upon us! Does this sentence stress you out? It certainly stresses me for a variety of reasons and having a child with autism topped that list for many years.   My son Drew  is now 18 and truly enjoys the holidays, but as we...

Halloween Tips: Part 2

Hello again!

Halloween Tips: Part 1

Halloween is all around us. The air has an autumn crisp to it at night, pumpkins are making their way to more and more porch steps and the amount of fall decor available in every store makes it tempting to start stocking up on candy immediately,...

The Five ‘F’ Fourth of July Plan

July fourth is right around the corner. For the child with autism, the magical day is filled with disastrous events that could leave them feeling un-festive without preparation for the big day. There is a simple strategy to remember when preparing...

Holiday Survival for the Special Needs Family

by Jessy | Nov 19, 2012 | autism, blog, diagnosis, family, holidays, tips |

"The holidays are coming."

Halloween Tips for Children on the Autism Spectrum

by Jessy | Oct 10, 2012 | blog, holidays, tips |

Tip 1 - Expose your child to Halloween, no matter how early it is or how young he or she is.

Mixing fireworks with autism

by Jessy | Jul 02, 2012 | blog, family, holidays, tips |

When I was a kid, the fireworks were my favorite event of the summer. Every year we all hopped happily into the car and drove to the waterside in my Virginia hometown to celebrate our country's independence. There was nothing better than navigating...

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