Five Major Executive Function Areas

by Jessy | Dec 03, 2013 | blog, learning, preparation, schedule, school, tips |

The role of executive function processes begin early during the preschool years and continue to increase through middle and high school when students need to use skills such as note taking, summarizing, multi-tasking and staying on task. Success...

Halloween Tips: Part 2

Hello again!

Halloween Tips: Part 1

Halloween is all around us. The air has an autumn crisp to it at night, pumpkins are making their way to more and more porch steps and the amount of fall decor available in every store makes it tempting to start stocking up on candy immediately,...

The School Year With A Special Education Student

by Jessy | Oct 01, 2013 | AHSS, blog, breaks, family, patience, preparation, school, tips |

The Five ‘F’ Fourth of July Plan

July fourth is right around the corner. For the child with autism, the magical day is filled with disastrous events that could leave them feeling un-festive without preparation for the big day. There is a simple strategy to remember when preparing...

Summer Tip #3: Be Prepared

by Jessy | May 02, 2013 | blog, preparation, summer tips, wandering |

When heading out this summer, be sure you have everything you need before you leave.

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