Pride & Progress Video - Why we do what we do

AHSS Program Lead Aislin Bright shared this wonderful success story: 

Why we do what we do - Client Impressions Specialist Edition

Tremendous Impact - Why we do what we do

Another wonderful example of why we do what we do? Feedback like this from our team members!

Meet CTM2 Carlos Miyasato - proud member of the AHSS family!

Carlos Miyasato

Why we do what we do & grow

Celeste Plautz

Learn and grow with AHSS

I have been working with AHSS for over three years now and have enjoyed every minute of it. I have worked with 4-year-old nonverbal clients to 12-year-old clients who could talk your ear off. My favorite part is the “ah ha!” moments when the...

Making & Maintaining Progress - Why we do what we do

Yesterday I was invited to participate in a Team Meeting for P who will be discharging from ABA services due to the family moving out of state.  While the family moving is an unfortunate circumstance for our clinical team, the accomplishments P...

Why I Do What I Do - Real Progress


Katie Null, BCBA Specialist


I started working with 3 year old [boy] M last May. At that time he was working on simple sorting, matching, and stacking tasks. We worked on joint attention, eye contact, and his ability to point to familiar...

Success at Christmas - Why we do what we do

This Why We Do What We Do is a two-for-one! This first was shared last year by Lynnae Monson, Region Lead. It seems an appropriate week to revisit it!

Coming together for the client - Why we do what we do

Deb Hillstrom, Region Lead, shared this Why We Do What We Do regarding one of our 2015 graduates:

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